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Stay ahead of Critical Decision-Making

Understand the Impact

on Business Growth and Value

The right data can determine the long-term success of your business. It’s vital that you have the advanced operational analytics to help your business navigate insight and integration seamlessly.
At GDDM, we specialise in data management, following Professional Petroleum Data Management (PPDM) guidelines. To help improve your performance across multiple jobs and workloads, including IT, ISP and license management.

Our team of highly-skilled and experienced consultants are able to help you identify where data management (or lack thereof) could play a major a part in your business. We have the ability to pinpoint where resources are needed and where key issues might be limiting your ability to attain higher returns, meet deadlines, and regulatory compliance.


GDDM gives you the tools, direction, and support you’ll need to:


  • Identify, Track, and Manage Data

  • Determine Potential Errors in Processes

  • Improve Workflow and Management

  • Removing Restrictions in Current Systems

  • Reduce Decision-Making Risk

  • Enhance Your Business Intelligence

GDDM – Redesigning Intelligence

The most important factor behind everything that we do is provide you with sound, actionable management solutions and data analytics that benefit your short and long-term growth strategies. As a UK-based agency, our business consultants can customise solutions that meet the needs of your company.


Data will forever be changing as the tides of business continually ebb and flow with customer needs, governmental and environmental changes, and time itself, but our innovative team will be there to help you evolve with smarter data, improved technology, and the right answers to help you start and end each day with confidence.

Enable people in your organization to do great things, by providing governed, trustworthy and instantly useful data.

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