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Digital Twin.

GDDM is the most innovative data management company for the energy industry.

Please download our 'Use Case' document, below. Read how a digital twin has greatly benifited a valued client.

As a growing data management agency, we can offer an exclusive and fully customizable service to your company specialising in one aspect - data management.

Decades of experience acquiring, and processing data has helped form our team as some of the most inventive and passionate professionals in our domain, with our size allowing us to always put our customer first, creating you a bespoke solution.

Our Digital Twin helps break down operational and project data silos to provide a single source of information by ingesting, cleaning, integrating and contextualising data in one place. Helping your team to connect information and make informed data-driven decisions.

With GDDM as your partner you can combine cutting edge technology with scalable solutions by deploying our dynamic digital twin into your asset. In a matter of a few weeks, you can rapidly start benefiting and extracting value from this technology.

Using global market leading software. This software offers an online login saving costs on expensive licences or hardware to visualise your data. This browser-based technology can be accessed from mobile devices such as phone and tablet. Working with other enterprise solutions, so accurate models of your infrastructure and how they interact with their surroundings can be viewed digitally. Within the one digital map, we can host a variety of media formats and live data feeds.

Speak to our team today to understand how our ‘Digital Twin’ will work for you

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