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Data management Subsurface, Oil Gas Energy, Information Samples Compliance


Since our inception, GDDM has been totally focused on building a strategic and quality relationship with our clients.

Geological & Decommissioning Data Management is a team of experienced professionals with deep understanding of the Energy industry’s complex processes. Practical challenges faced by the industry in capturing & making best use of the data. Changing technology and regulatory requirements such as Information and Sample planning, we are well positioned to help with management of data from end to end – be it figuring out the right data management strategy for your specific requirements, data collection & organization, integrating physical historical data that’s crucial to exploration & production, digital data & handling tools, or analytics-driven business & operational decision making.

With decades of experience of working with data and data acquisition (both on-shore and off-shore), our team helps bring functional efficacy to operators, helping them leverage their assets by reaping benefits of current technological innovations & developments in data, systems and processes all can make a difference only when you know the right ways to implement & integrate them with a result-oriented approach such that they offer reliable insights, and that’s where our expertise lies – management of entire life cycle of data, with special attention to licensing, Information & samples management.

Reach out to us to discuss how we can help you stay on top of the changing oil & gas industry’s game, operation’s predictability, or to bring cost-effectiveness to the business when the commodity markets are highly volatile and the performance pressure on the companies is like never before.
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