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Data management Subsurface, Oil Gas Energy, Information Samples Compliance


Picture of James

James is a data management specialist whose skills cover a diverse range of highly technical services while not losing sight of the human component of his work. He understands the needs of businesses and individuals and helps clients meet their goals through carefully tailored services. James is highly experienced in both data and the energy sector. With his unique experience and educational background, he provides expert guidance which builds a solid blueprint for success.


James takes an innovative approach to his work building from his extensive foundation of knowledge while embracing new ideas and cutting-edge concepts. Always striving to exceed his clients’ expectations, he brings together technological know-how with excellent customer service to ensure results that are impactful and designed with the future in mind. Throughout his career, James has learned that success is the result of careful planning and skilled execution—both of which he brings to the table with GDDM.


James has extensive experience working with data and people across the globe. This includes over fifteen years of experience in the upstream energy industry, five years working offshore, and over a decade offering skilled consultations with individuals and large multinational organizations. This experience allowed him to cultivate strong skills and the ability to adapt to new challenges and find creative paths around them. This skillset is the cornerstone of his dedicated consulting.


James is extremely knowledgeable in subsurface data types as well as evolving digital technologies. While his focus leans toward data management and compliance, he is also skilled in digitization, digital twin, and digital visualization. James holds a degree and has continued with further professional development courses, including ILM level 5 Leadership and Management. With vast education and real-world experience, James is an accomplished professional and invaluable resource for most any data management need.

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